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emerge (by Mrs Sarah Ott)

emerge (by Mrs Sarah Ott)

Mrs Ott, you didn’t say this was an antihaiku but I am hoping that you don’t mind if I call it one for the purposes of the anthology?

It is a fantastical poem. Real control of the energy, slowing it down, compressing it and then releasing it. An archetype of a certain way of approaching the art of poetry, using the language to contain and express energy. This one does it brilliantly.

“S.B.T.” by Tipota

This is a fantastic prosepoem. Anyone who knows the backstory will tell you it is a work of absolute genius. But even if you don’t you have to be in awe of the technical mastery of voices, the precision and the creativity and originality. And it makes me laugh til I cried, literally. Move over William Seward Burroughs, here is Tipota..


“June Evening” by Tina Trivett

An absolutely wonderful jewellery poem by Tina Trivett.

June Evening