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‘teenage boys’ by Bryan Borland.

This is a great poem. Its expression is perfect for the idea and it captures a moment on a bridge better than any photo could have. I used to say that poems like this demonstrate and articulate their aesthetic at the same time,

‘teenage boys’ by Bryan Borland

“i’m not you” by Cocoyea.

Cocoyea is a fantastic writer with a powerful, unique and very real voice. She is also a drummer in a kickarse rock band. Her poetry just gets better and better and everyone on the planet who is remotely interested in contemporary poetry should read this poem.

“i’m not you” by Cocoyea

“smell of rain” by Ngetha.

Simplicity and elegance often equate with eloquence. This is the kind of poem that is often attempted but it is rare for the subject to be conjured so beautifully and fully. She appears like magic. The poem and the woman described are both exquisitely beautiful and very sensual and the poem has great control over rhythm and a subtle depth in the thinking.

“smell of rain” by Ngetha.