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Derek Motion ‘corer’

I don’t like Derek, he doesn’t much like me. But ad hominem, that is unimportant. We must transcend our petty egos. Which brings me to this beautifully made poem.


three cappuccinos by Brad Frederiksen

Watching someone’s poetry evolve over a long period of time is the most fascinating thing. Writing a poem can be seen as a process of making a series of decisions. This a great poem.

“no still life” by Wayne

“no still life” by Wayne at Transformation By Dialectic is one of those poems that just defies categorisation. In fact, it’s so good it made me realise my whole program of sorting the poems by categories is silly. I love pirate poems as everyone knows, it’s a terrible weakness of mine but even if you only ever read one pirate poem in your life, make it this one.

“shaken and stirred” by La Lunatique

One of my favourite things in bloggoland is reading pieces by people who don’t necessarily consider themselves writers. I defy any serious writerly writer of serious writings to read this poem by La Lunatique and say it is not fantastic. It is. The imagery is beautifully controlled and connected. Every line is a perfectly structured and balanced poem in itself and together they form a marvellous kind of performance narrative. I am babbling cos I really really like this poem.

“shaken and stirred” by La Lunatique.